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We have been very pleased with the service ValuLink has provided to our growing company. The staff is professional, courteous, and responsive to our ever changing needs. We value the relationship we have formed with ValuLink and look forward to working hand in hand with them for many years to come.

Thank you,
Frank Baker
ABC Appraisal Management Co LLC, Owner/Partner
- - -

ValuLink is truly impressive. I have had experience with several appraisal management applications and, from the Loan Originator side of the equation; I can confidently say that no one comes close to ValuLink’s auto-notification technology. The software is very user-friendly and intuitive and, due to the auto-email notifications, significantly reduces the man-hours spent trying to find out status of appraisal orders. The invoicing component of the software is perfect and the reporting capability gives us great feedback, not only on the vendor performance, but on our own production analytics as well.

Rick Hogle
Supreme Lending, Chief Strategic Officer
- - -

It is a rare occasion that I take the time to write an appreciation letter to those responsible for the development and integration of a product that I have paid for. Unfortunately, I live in a world where the payment of services should suffice for a job well done. I have fallen prey to this thought process much too often. Occasionally, after an experience with a product or service that has proven to be exemplary, I feel the need for an extension of effort to show gratitude, but generally fall short in that effort.

During the past 45 days, I have had the opportunity and great fortune, to experience the staff expertise at Valulink, a software development Company that specializes in AMC operational software. The tailored software package, which was seemingly designed just for my Company, has changed my entire operational structure. The manual manipulation of forms and data are a thing of the past. My customer service representatives have the time now to be friends with our lender / clients. The order processing efforts are a fraction of what they were prior to the integration of the Valulink software. Our accounting department is very pleased with the data reports section of the software. The Excel formatted reports easily integrate into our financial software. Our lender / clients love to automatic appraisal process updating features of the Valulink system. Email traffic is greatly reduced due to the systems of information flow that are integrated into the software. In short, the software package is awesome; absolutely everything I could hope for, at a cost that is very easily absorbable into our short margins.

The most pleasant experience of this pivotal transition was the constant availability of the staff at Valulink. They assisted in every way possible to ensure that the system transition was smooth and worry free. They provided training packages that included power point presentations, appraiser and processor training booklets, and other aids which were all customized with our Company Logo and profiles. When slight tweaking was needed, it was done very expeditiously. The Valulink staff are considered good friends of Appraisal Management, LLC.

In a world where product volume is integral to growth, this software package accomplishes the last factor in our quest for additional growth. Without its timesaving features, future growth would be impossible. Previously, I have been reluctant to grow our business due to the work extensive system that was previously in use. I anticipate, using our current staff, our volume capacity has tripled. Working within our current business plan, the resultant increased revenue would be profit column heavy.

Needless to say, I am very pleased that I followed up on a marketing email that was sent out to my AMC. It has proven to be the best business decision I have made regarding the AMC. Valulink has made me feel like a business genius. I know that I am not, but I sure feel good as I witness the smiles as the Valulink system is used by my lender / clients and my AMC staff.

Pleasant regards,
Michael D. Stapley
Appraisal Management LLC, President
- - -