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Think your AMC is doing all the business it can? Think there is no way to work smarter, only harder? Think that all software is the same clunky offerings they have been for years?

It’s time to think again. It’s time to Think ValuLink.

ValuLink’s easy-to-use, cloud-based appraisal management platform is redefining the way AMCs and Lenders drive efficiency, stay compliant, and make time to win new clients.

ValuLink’s platform offers an intuitive environment for vendor enrollment, order placement and storage, and payable/receivable management. It’s simple yet robust. ValuLink conducts a CustomFit analysis of your business and fits the ValuLink platform around the way you and your team work, no extra fees or added costs.

Features of the ValuLink platform include:
  • LOS Integration
    – Saves Time
  • UCDP Submission
    – Reduces Errors
  • Accounting Capabilities
    – Improves Accounts Receivable
  • Customizable E-Mail Notifications
    – Improves Turn-time
  • Color-coded order status
    – Improves Productivity and Control
  • Automated tracking of appraiser licenses and E&O
    – Reduces Risk

Migration to ValuLink is fast and easy, with no interruption to daily business. ValuLink’s KickStart process, which includes full data migration and on-site “go live” training at no extra charge, brings all the experts to you and allows your team to do what they do best: delight your clients.